About Me

I’m a straight, cis female tomboy whose primary kink is humiliation, and whose secondary kink is good grammar.

Yes, that is my bottom.

Growing up in the 90s I was drawn to online stories about punishment and forced sissification, identifying with the men being spanked, mocked and dolled up in frills. I would draw comics of horrified girls looking down at the clothes they’d been dressed in.

These days I seek out stories about adult women being humiliated in this way by mischievous men, but they’re hard to find. The search term ‘tomboy’ has expanded to a more formally genderfluid meaning in recent years and often returns results for trans or NB characters, while ‘sissy’ brings up a lot of cis men in dresses. I want to see girls like me being stripped of their jeans and turned into unwilling little princesses. That’s why I began this blog.

My other main kink is ABDL humiliation. I’m no Little, though – it’s got to be an unwilling struggle, ending up with the resistant girl blushing in nappies/diapers and ideally gagged with a dummy. There is no hotter phrase for me than “If you’re going to act like a baby, you’ll be treated like one”.

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