Content Key

Find your fetish and swerve the squick
with Katzenbaer’s colourful content guide

Corporal punishment (CP)

Spanking, caning, slapping, paddling, birching, whipping. Usually on the bottom with the odd face-slap.

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Bondage, restriction, restraints, prisoner scenarios.

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Nonconsent/forced sex

Ravishment, overpowering, forced orgasms.
Note: I prefer not to use the other R-word as this is a) potentially retraumatising for S.A. survivors and b) a mood-killer for me personally. Essentially, in my stories a character is forced into a sexual act and has control/agency taken away.

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Nappies/diapers, ageplay, forced babying, forced regression.

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Dress-up Shaming

Forced princessification, sissification, embarrassing clothing, status-drop shaming, ageplay, little-girl regression, tomboy-taming.

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Wee, piss, omorashi, desperation, wetting.

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No. 2, messing, faeces – not my kink but used as a tool in some ABDL humiliation stories.

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