Big Ole List o’ Stories & Posts

Ageplay & Forced Regression

  • On My Cue
    Daddy explains the embarrassing game he’s going to play with Polly next time they go out in public.
  • The Party Brat
    At Casey’s New Year’s Eve party, Imogen is being an attention-hungry brat. Sick of her flatmate’s drunk and annoying ways, Casey dashes to the shop for supplies…
  • New Year, New You
    Rachel hires a personal trainer to help her finally get fit. But Carl has an unusual forfeit system for lazy clients.
  • The Premiere
    An entitled movie star gets ready for a premiere, but ever since her DUI sentencing, she’s had a court-appointed Daddy watching over her, and he gets to choose her red-carpet outfit…
  • Beach Baby Bridgette
    Fanfiction based on SpankingToons original characters. Former lingerie model Bridgette gets a chance to step out of nappies for a change, and even Mommy says yes. What could go wrong?
  • Lottie stories
    • Lottie Again
      When tearaway Charlotte is caught shoplifting, her strict uncle decides to treat her like the little girl she is.
    • The Visitor
      Charlotte the tomboy has been sneaking cigarettes, so her uncle seeks advice from a fellow disciplinarian. A sweet pink box arrives, addressed to Lottie, containing a new outfit for her uncle’s garden party…
    • A Long Lunch
      To get her phone and grown-up clothes back, Charlotte agrees to meet her Uncle in town. There’s a very strict dress code for this lunch meeting, and Lottie isn’t happy at all.
    • Lottie Takes The Back Way
      Lottie has been sent out on an errand for her uncle and he’s dressed her up adorably for the task. Can she make it there and back without anyone spotting her, or worse?
  • Mitts For Mindy
    Uni student Mindy’s failed to do her share of the chores again. Her boyfriend decides to take a hands-on approach to show her how immature she’s being.
  • Lolly stories
    • The Gallery
      Louisa’s been dying to go to the hypercool new art exhibition. But on the day, Daddy decides he’s taking little Lolly instead, and she’s going to be ever so good for him…
    • Playtime
      Daddy takes Lolly (Louisa) to the park, and she’s dreading what’s in store, especially as he’s dressed her like the cutest little tot. Things are about to get messy…
  • The Princess and the Postman
    Leila orders some embarrassing items online and the postman brings them right to her door. Only problem is, they’re not very well wrapped, and he’s not about to ignore that…

Dress-up and Girly Humiliation

  • Down A Peg
    In which a spoilt Victorian brat tests her strict tutor, and learns that ladylike privileges can be withdrawn for unladylike behaviour.
  • From Bully To Dolly
    School bully Ash plays a prank on a younger pupil who still plays with dolls. The punishment? She must take the doll’s place.
  • Who’s the Bimbo Now?
    Tomboy May mocks her boyfriend Max’s blonde girly-girl ex. Max decides to teach her a lesson about judging people on appearances.
  • Sober Reflections
    When Lily’s moral guardian discovers she’s been sending dirty messages to local lads, he decides to dress her for the part she has chosen.
  • Lacing A Lady
    Headstrong brat Hettie is not quite the Victorian lady her uncle expects her to be. A sore bottom and a little restriction later, and Henrietta is almost ready for the ball.

Nonconsent, Ravishment & Sexual Humiliation

  • A New Practice
    When Holly goes to a private doctor about her sleepless nights and restless mind, she soon finds herself in even deeper trouble.
  • If Only
    Office flirt Carly loves to tease her co-worker Ross, only to flash her engagement ring at the last minute. But when the two are alone in the office before the Christmas party, Carly realises she’s on the naughty list.
  • The Outside
    In a dystopian state, the spoiled niece of the tyrannical President sneaks out of her safe enclave, only to find herself a powerless toy in enemy hands.
  • Breaking Her In
    Lazy groom Thea catches the eye of Mr Evanstow the Stable Master. She’ll keep her job, and even learn to ride, if she enters his instruction…
  • Retraining Julia
    Julia’s run away from her client for the last time. Dragged back by bounty hunters, she’s brought before the Master for re-education…
  • You Are Invited
    Proud Elizabeth Barrington resists the advances of the lascivious Lord Charles. But her father’s gambling debts begin to mount up, and soon Elizabeth herself is wagered.
  • The Traitor
    When ambitious local girl Beatrice Streeter marries the cruel lord destroying her town, her own tyrannical rules make her some powerful enemies…
  • Community Service
    Upright (and uptight) judge’s daughter Rosaline Bannister has tried to shut down a local brothel, but in doing so, she’s committed perjury. Her unusual and humiliating punishment begins…


  • Santa and the Krämpchen
    A photo story for Christmas! When Santa catches a naughty little Krampus (Krämpchen) moving Nice children to the Naughty list for fun, he teaches her a very memorable lesson.
  • Mud, Sweat & Tears
    Sally’s forgotten to do her outdoor chores, but a little rain never hurt anyone…
  • The Landlord’s Round
    The Duke’s troublesome niece is in for a shock when she runs amok in the village. The local publican has had quite enough and makes her a public spectacle.
  • Swing Low
    A young vandal is punished on the toddler swings she tried to trash.
  • Expecting Company
    Haughty tomboy Jane is taken in hand by her strict guardian and spanked into a new frock and a new, horrifying career…
  • The Magician’s Assistant
    A nosey journalist sets out to destroy a crooked medium’s reputation, but finds herself


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