Community Service (Pt. 5)

Content warnings for this story (click here for guide):

Corporal punishment, bondage and captivity, sissification

“Why are we out here?” said one of the girls, a tall brunette called Petra. “I’ve got a booking in an hour.” She adjusted her robe as she lounged in the waiting area.

“Trust me, it’ll be worth it,” said Ruby. “You’re going to meet the new girl.”

“Big deal. A new girl. We don’t usually stand on ceremony, do we?” said a redhead named Cerys.

“Oh, but you know this one already,” said Lily, who was next to her, lighting a cigarette. “Sort of.”

At that moment, the door to Carlson’s study, which sat just off the lobby, opened. Polly walked out, trying not to laugh, and cleared her throat.

“Ladies, we’ve got a brand-new apprentice at the Velvet Chamber. I want you to make her feel very welcome, especially since she’s well-known to us all. Formerly known as the Honourable Rosaline Bannister, crusader for local morals –”

Petra hissed. She remembered well the police sniffing around following Rosaline’s meddling.

“– she’s since come to make amends and be a very good girl for us.” Polly turned toward the door with a flourish. “Come on out, Little Rosy!”

Blushing furiously, Rosaline was nudged out into the lobby by Carlson. The girls in the lobby stared for a moment, then shrieked with laughter.

Polly had gone to town on Little Rosy’s new look. Her hair had been curled with rags and stood out from her head in a cherubic halo. A little ring of tinsel sat on top, as though she were in a school play.

She wore a fussy white dress with layers and layers of tulle that flared out from the bust. It finished just above the knee. Fastened to the back were a stubby little pair of paper wings, sprinkled with glitter. On her feet she wore frilled ankle socks and glossy white tap shoes.

“Oh my! What on earth is she wearing?” hooted Cerys. “You’re going to get us shut down again, Pol!”

Rosaline blushed furiously and grimaced as the girls mocked her.

“Aww, is someone playing fairy princess? What a little sweetie! I think this role suits you much better than playing judge and jury.”

“Rosy,” said Carlson sternly, “Where’s Mimi?”

Rosaline’s face fell even further.

“Do I have to?”

Carlson gave a look that said she only had to go get Mimi if she wanted to avoid a spanking.

Rosaline stomped off, her shimmering skirts rustling loudly.

“What a temper!” chuckled Lily.

“She is a little madam,” agreed Polly. “But she’s a much nicer girl than the brat who came in.”

“Oh aye?” said Cerys. “And how did you achieve that?”

“We’ll show you when she comes back,” grinned Polly.

Rosaline tramped back into the lobby, half-hiding an object in her hand.

“Where’s Mimi?” said Carlson again.

Another pleading look.

“Do we need a reminder of what happens to disobedient little girls, Rosy? In front of all of these nice ladies?”

“Go on!” shouted Ruby. “Drawers down and let’s see some stripes!”

Rosaline’s blood ran cold and she held up the hated object: a prissy china doll  with blushing cheeks. It wore a lacy dress with full petticoats and a satin bonnet was tied to its curls.

“That’s better!” said Carlson. “Now, I want you to introduce Mimi to all the nice ladies. She’s Rosy-Posy’s best friend, isn’t she?”

Rosaline stamped her foot, which only caused more hilarity among the girls.

“Aww, don’t you two look sweet?” crooned Ruby. “Like little twinnies! Come and introduce your twinny, Rosy-Posy!”

Rosaline flushed again and threw the doll to the ground.

“I shan’t!”

Polly raised an eyebrow at Carlson, who smiled and rolled his eyes.

“I’ll give you one chance to behave, Little Rosy. You can pick up your dolly and introduce her to the nice ladies – “

“I don’t see any nice ladies,” snapped Rosaline, her curls bobbing adorably. “I see a bunch of cheap –“

“RIGHT!” said Carlson, grabbing her by the ear. He put one leg up onto a chair and hauled her across it, leaving her legs suspended in the air. One of the girls passed him a large slipper, before picking up Rosaline’s tinsel halo and popping it back onto her head.

“No!” shrieked Rosaline, kicking her shiny white shoes against nothing.

“You had your chance, Rosy,” sighed Carlson. “Not only did you disobey me and nearly break your pretty doll, you were extremely rude to these nice ladies, each of whom will be your auntie for the time you’re here. Only one way to deal with such a naughty little brat…”

The girls gave an exaggerated oooh as they watched Rosaline swing her hand backward to protect her bottom. Carlson caught it serenely and pinned it behind his captive’s back, crumpling her paper wings.

“Polly, dear,” he said. “I’ve got my hands full. “Would you assist me by lifting Little Rosy’s skirts for her spanking?”

“I’d be delighted,” smirked Polly, and took as long as possible inching up Rosaline’s frilly dress to reveal ruffled bloomers suitable for a toddler.

The girls squawked with laughter. This had been worth the wait!

“Aww, such darling little knickers she’s got,” cooed Petra. “Proper little lady, isn’t she?”

“Shut up!” whined Rosaline, continuing to struggle.

“Now, now,” said Carlson, giving her a sharp warning tap over her knickers.

“Go on!” said Cerys excitedly. “Give her a bit of colour down there – it might shut her up for a bit!”

“No, not like that,” said Polly. “That’s not right at all.”

The girls were silent for a second and Rosaline froze, hopeful.

“She won’t feel anything through those ruffles,” said Polly, yanking them down to reveal Rosaline’s caned bottom. There was a hoot of mirth from the crowd, then an intake of breath.

“Wowww!” cried Lily. “Someone has been a spoilt little madam, hasn’t she? Look at those pink cheeks!”

“Nooooo!” moaned Rosaline, unable to free a paw to cover her modesty.

“You’re right, said Carlson. “This will be much more memorable. Shall we teach Little Rosy to count, girls? Up to ten?”

“Noooooooo!” squealed Rosaline again.

“Well I was going to stop there, Rosy-Posy,” said her captor, “but you’re right. Let’s challenge you a little more. Twenty it is!”

He brought out a slipper, which caused a roar of laughter from the girls.

“I’ve not seen one of those since I was four!” pealed Ruby. “A proper little-girl spanking, she’s going to get!

“Are we ready, Rosy?” said Carlson. Without waiting for a reply, he brought down the slipper on her quivering bottom.

“Aaaiiiiii!” cried Rosaline, kicking again.

“Count it,” warned Carlson, “Or I’ll repeat it. Girls, help our little apprentice. She hasn’t learned to count yet.”

“ONE!” they chorused.

“W-w-w-one,” mumbled Rosaline.

“Just in time,” said Carlson, landing a second slap to her cheek.

“TWO!” sang the girls.

“Unhhhhh! T-t-t-two!” yelped Rosaline, bobbing up and down to process the sting.

“Her little bottom doesn’t half jiggle, does it?” said Cerys. “She’ll shake out all her Shirley Temple curls at this rate!”

WHACK! The slipper came down again. And again. And again. The girls counted every single stroke, and with each one, Rosaline’s nose ran more, her eyes filled with tears and her bottom grew more and more tender and hot.


“T-t-t-twenty!” she gasped at last, and her arm was released. She staggered to her feet, wings askew and halo slipping down, then immediately tumbled backward, hobbled by her frilly bloomers.

More laughter. Rosaline sobbed angrily, furious at the girls’ mockery.

“Aww, poor little Rosykins,” pouted Polly. “She didn’t like it when Uncle spanked her, did she?”

“Is someone having a little tantrum?” asked Cerys.

“I think she’s about to,” said Polly.

“Shut up, all of you! You’re all imbeciles! Stupid squawking tramps!” barked Rosaline from the floor. She tried to get up, stumbled again and angrily hoiked up her bloomers, then sat there with folded arms like a furious little girl. Her corkscrew curls stuck out at odd angles, and Carlson came over to primp them into place and re-tie her ribbons.

“Get off me!” snapped Rosaline, slapping away his hand. The girl watched, waiting to see if this would earn her another hiding, but instead, Carlson grabbed a hank of hair, so Rosaline gasped, and jammed in a bar of soap.

“MMPPPHH!” squeaked Rosaline, to fresh waves of laughter from the girls.

Carlson held her arms to her side and stood her up to face everyone.

“If Little Rosy is going to be rude to her aunties, I think she needs a nice clean mouth,” said Carlson. “Don’t you agree, girls?”

“Too right,” said Polly, and Rosaline shot her daggers. The soap tasted foul and it was all she could do not to swallow it. With her arms out of commission and her teeth deep in the bar, she couldn’t even take it out.

“Aww, is Wittle Wosy cwying?” cooed Ruby.

“MMMPPPH!” Rosaline tried to protest. Of course she wasn’t  – it was just the disgusting taste making her eyes water.

“Hahaaa!” guffawed Lily. “Watch out – She’s ruining her lovely frock, Mr C!”

Rosaline looked down, horrified to see that she was dribbling down her dress.

“MMMPPPPPHHHH!” she squealed again, stamping her foot in frustration at the synthetic rose scent causing her eyes and mouth to flood.

“That’s enough, I think,” said Carlson, and pulled out the bar of soap. Rosaline was bright red and her cheeks were tracked with tears. She held open her mouth expectantly.

“Does someone want a glass of water to wash away the nasty taste, Rosy?” said Carlson.

Rosaline cringed as the girls awwwed at her, but couldn’t speak until the hated taste was out of her mouth. She nodded.

“Very well. Take Auntie Polly’s hand then, and she’ll take you to the bathroom.”

Rosaline grimaced as she took the proffered hand.

“How about a nice curtsey to show respect to Auntie Polly?” said Carlson, grinning.

“MNRRRRRR….” moaned Rosaline, but the taste was unbearable and she could feel fresh drool running down her chin. Wincing, she bobbed a cute little curtsey and the room erupted once more.

“Good girl, Rosy-Posy!” said Polly, exaggerating, as if talking to a three-year-old. “What a pretty curtsey – so dainty!”

Rosaline, mouth hanging open, seethed to herself, but allowed Polly to take her hand once more.

“Come along,” said Polly. “Let’s go the sink and wash away that horrid taste. I think someone is going to be much nicer after their mouth-soaping, aren’t they? Well, for a while… ”

“Perhaps we ought to give Little Rosy’s clients a bar of soap for emergencies,” said Ruby with a chuckle. Rosaline froze in horror before Polly tugged her onward.

“Let’s encourage her, girls,” she winked, and led her down the line, where each ‘auntie’ could give a firm smack on Little Rosie’s already-scarlet bottom, to a series of indignant yelps.

“Bring her back once she’s all rinsed,” called Carlson. “She still needs to introduce you all to Mimi. Besides, that tantrum set me thinking. I have something else for Little Rosy to try on… ”

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