Mitts For Mindy (Pt. 5)

Content warnings for this story (click here for guide):

Corporal punishment, ABDL, sissification, urine

Ben whistled as he strolled through to the living room. Mindy had been wandering about, but when she saw her boyfriend she sat down in the corner chair to read. She wore a short pink ruffled dress with tiers of frilled skirts and a broad white lace-trimmed collar.

A woman in a cute pink ruffled little-girl dress with a white bow and white collar.

“Finished your novel for class?” Ben asked. Mindy glowered as he approached her, slapping shut the book and resting it on her lap.

“I know that expression,” said Ben, grinning wickedly. “Has my sweet little girl got something to ask?”

“No!” said Mindy hurriedly, crossing her legs. As she did so, her nose wrinkled almost imperceptibly.

“Mindy,” said Ben. “You wouldn’t lie to Daddy Ben, would you?”

Mindy blushed. “No! I’m fine!”

Ben bobbed down in front of her. “Mindy, remind me again what your average grade was before all this. Before Little Mindy.”

Mindy closed her eyes.

“56. A 2:2.”

“And since you’ve been my good little girl, not allowed to masturbate or do big-girl things like drinking, that’s changed, hasn’t it? What did your last essay get?”

Mindy’s face crinkled as she admitted: “74. A first.”

“Good girl. That’s my bright, hard-working girl.” Ben stood up and ruffled her hair, which was tied with two pink ribbons.

Mindy smiled a little. It had been embarrassing but Ben’s daddying really had made a difference. As she relaxed for a moment, though, Ben slipped a hand between her legs, lifted up her flouncy skirt and revealed her nappy. Yelping, Mindy went to slap his hands away but it was too late. He’d pressed his palm to her padded crotch.

“Oh Mindy,” he tutted. “What did we say about telling Daddy when you needed a change? It must have been a very good book – a certain little princess has soaked her Pampers.”

Mindy turned beetroot-red and yanked down her skirt.

“Get off!” she squawked. “I was just – I just – ugh! I just tried to get on with my work and I lost track of time – look, I don’t need these! In fact, I want to stop wearing them right now!”

Her hands flew to the tapes sticking her nappy together, and she managed to rip one off the plastic before Ben rolled his eyes and pulled her over his knee. As Mindy struggled and swore, he pressed a hand down on her back and trapped her legs with his.

“Now Mindy, big girls don’t throw tantrums, do they? If you want your nappies off, you just have to ask like a grown-up. Do you?”

Mindy was aghast.

“YES! Of course I bloody do! I’ve been saying that for weeks! I want these things off!”

“As you wish.” Ben kept her in position and ripped off the remaining tapes so her nappy fell open , exposing both her pink bottom and the yellow padding between her legs.

“Aww, such a big girl in her wet nappy,” mocked Ben, brushing his hand over her cheeks. “And just for swearing, you’re getting a spanking that will really sting – right on that nappy rash!”

“I don’t have NAPPY RA –“ Mindy began to protest, when the first slap landed and took her breath away. The pain tingled and bit like Ben had rubbed chillies on her skin.

“Oh, don’t you?” chuckled Ben, landing a hard palm on her trembling bottom. “Then why is this making your eyes water?”


“OWOWOWOWOW!” Mindy wriggled against his strong legs but couldn’t free herself. Her nose began to run as she gasped and whimpered.

“Now,” said Ben, delivering three more spanks, “Even though you’ve been rude and mischievous, and even though you’ve certainly used your nappies today, I appreciate that you’ve studied hard. So once you’ve had your spanking, I’m going to give you a chance to grow up a little.”


“WH-WHUH?” Mindy looked up, hopeful.

Ben delivered one final whack to Mindy’s red bottom, taped her wet nappy back together so she cringed, patted her bottom and helped her up.

“That’s right, little Mindy,” said Ben. “If you can prove to me you’re a big girl – a responsible girl – we can put those nappies away for good.”

“Really?” Mindy’s eyes sparkled. “I can go to the toilet?”

Ben frowned. He drew a deck of flashcards from his pocket and held one up with a picture of a lavatory on it.

“What do we call this? You’re not grown up yet.”

Mindy grimaced and stamped her foot, which made her thick nappy rustle.

“Well?” said Ben. “You might want to show me that you’re learning if you’re serious about growing up. What do we call this?”

Mindy stared at the floor, furious. “The potty.”

“The what potty?”

“The…gah…the big-girl potty.”

“Good girl!” Ben patted her head. “This is the big-girl potty, and that’s where Mindy wants to go when she needs a what?”

Mindy pleaded with her eyes, but Ben was holding up a flashcard of a pair of wet knickers.

“A…a weewee,” mumbled Mindy.

“Exactly! Well done!” Ben put away the cards. “Now, it’s a big jump from nappies to weewees in the big-girl potty, so we need to take it one step at a time. Accidents happen so we need to keep you dry. With that in mind, does my good girl want to wear these – ?“ he held up a pair of striped pullups for 8-15-yr-olds, which would fit Mindy’s petite frame.

“NO!” gasped Mindy. “I don’t need training pants. I can use a toi- the big-girl potty just fine!”

“Let me finish,” said Ben, raising an eyebrow. “After the changes you’ve needed this week, I can’t trust you to make it to the big-girl potty just yet.” He laid the pullups on the bed and pulled something from the cupboard. “I was going to say, or does she want to have her own princess potty right here in the living room?”

He produced a pink plastic Disney potty and held it up, grinning.

A pink plastic potty with three disney princesses on it.

Mindy stood there, mouth open.

“I am NOT –“

“Oh, you want to stay in nappies? Fine by me.”

“But – but – fine, but I’m taking it to my room!” She reached up to grab it.

“Oh no,” Ben held the potty out of Mindy’s reach. “You still need supervision, sweetie. I’m not letting you disappear off to your room and doze off when you should be doing your best. You can either wear pullups or have your knickers back, but either way, you have to come and ask Daddy when you want your potty, and I’ll hold your hand and give you lots of encouragement. And when you do a full week of weewees in your plastic potty, I’ll know you’re ready to grow up at last.”

“BEN!” cried Mindy, cornered. “You can’t – that’s not – that’s not fair! I won’t –“

“No?” said Ben genially. “Not ready for potty training? Not a problem, sweetie. Let’s get that wet nappy changed and put one of your princess nappies on. You look adorable in those.”

Mindy opened and closed her mouth, enraged by her own predicament.

“Wait,” she said. “One week and I’m out of these things? And the mitts?”

“Certainly,” said Ben. “I think you’ll have proved you’re a big girl by then. Bye-bye dummies, bye-bye bottles, bye-bye plastic pants and bye-bye nappies.”

Mindy thought about this for a moment, as her nappy rash flared up on her spanked bottom.

“OK. Fine. Deal. One week.”

Ben smiled and hugged her. “Brave girl. Now let’s get that nappy off and clean you up, ready for training.”

Cotton knickers felt amazing. Smooth, light, comfortable, cool – Mindy had never truly appreciated how nice they were to wear. And her neat bottom was back too – no bulky padding forcing her to waddle around, reminding her what a baby she had been.

Mindy settled down to drafting a presentation for class. The topic was public humiliation in 19th century fiction, and the relevance to her recent activities was not lost on her. Maybe she could draw on Ben’s unconventional tutoring somehow.

Three hours in and Mindy was absorbed. She had pages of notes and was wrangling them into order on her computer. At the same time, she idly opened a tab and went to her favourite dirty story website. She would pick out a nice porn reward for herself after she’d finished.

She returned to her presentation, typed three words, deleted them and typed three more. Then she opened a new tab and search for an image to illustrate the point.

Another thirty minutes passed and Mindy realised she needed the bathroom. The thought of asking Ben for the pink potty was less than appealing, especially since he was in a work meeting online. She would wait.

Another half-hour slipped by and Mindy found herself reading a very hot story about a teacher spanking their student. Her bladder was grumbling but she was engrossed. Five more minutes, then she’d ask for the potty.

“Just nipping out to catch the post,” she heard, as Ben shut the back door. Mindy leapt up, but the car was already pulling away. Damn!

He wouldn’t be long. The post office was only 20 minutes away. She could hold it, right? Mindy scuttled to the bathroom hopefully, but the door was locked with a little sign on it: NOT FOR TRAINEES.

I need the loo and I can’t get in, she texted Ben. He didn’t reply at first, but then he was in the car.

Come onnnnn, she thought, growing ever more desperate.

Oh man, oh man, she thought. Oh god, the kitchen sink…gross, but could she?

A tiny drop of warm liquid pooled in her panties and she inched toward the kitchen, willing herself to hold it.

The kitchen door was also locked, with a similar sign: REALLY, MINDY?

OK, fine, she though. I’ll use the potty. At least he’s not watching.

She opened every cupboard and drawer she could find, but the potty was nowhere to be found.

Her phone beeped. Ben had sent a picture of the potty on the back seat of his car. Beside the image, he’d texted: “Long queue but be back as soon as I can. A princess needs her little throne.”

Bastard! Thought Mindy. Damn, damn, damn.

She opened the front door and looked around desperately. Ben lived on the fifth floor of a block of flats. She doubled over with the strain of holding her pee and looked up to see both lifts sporting OUT OF ORDER signs.

A tiny trail of pee snaked down her leg and Mindy panicked. Where was the fucking potty?

The pullups. Oh god, maybe he’d left out the pullups and she could use one and hide it. She dug around once more and threw aside the thick nappies she’d had to wear for the last few weeks. No way. Not going back to those.

Aha! The pullups were sitting on Ben’s bed. Thank god for that! She ripped into the plastic packet eagerly.

An open pack of teenage pullup nappies, with colourful stripes. The package has smiling teens on it.

She slipped down her underwear with its telltale dark patch and hid it in her hoodie pocket. Next she unfolded a pair of the plastic-backed training pants and wriggled into it. They were much lighter than the nappies but still felt maddeningly babyish.

No sooner had she pulled up her pullups than Mindy’s bladder gave in. She sighed with relief as the pee flowed out of her, moaning happily as liquid pattered into the absorbent padding.

Mindy’s rapture ended as she felt wetness on her legs and socks. Shit! Shit, the pullups had overflowed! Oh no!

She froze in horror, looking at the dark circle on Ben’s bedroom carpet.

Fuckfuckfuck, she swore to herself. She heard a car pulling in downstairs and hurriedly ripped off the pullups, throwing them into the bin and piling kitchen roll on top of the mess. Then she dragged a rug over the wet spot. Finally, she dashed into the bathroom and rinsed her legs clean, hopping into her panties and jeans just as Ben walked in.

“Hey there. Got there in the end. And look!” He produced the potty. “I’ve brought your cute little potty, so let’s get my girl sat down. She’s been very patient.”

Mindy groaned inwardly. NOW he brought it, just when she no longer needed it!

“Come on, Mindy, jeans down and sit nicely for Daddy,” said Ben. Mindy cringed as she lowered her jeans and knickers and sat down on her little plastic throne.

“Now,” said Ben, “Time to show Daddy what a big girl you are by using your potty instead of wetting yourself.”

Mindy gulped and tried to concentrate, blushing fiercely. Oh god, she couldn’t go! Come on!

She stared fixedly at the floor, willing herself to pee, but nothing came out.

Eventually, Ben stood her up.

“Stubbornness won’t get you potty-trained, Mindy. But maybe you just don’t know how to use a potty. Aww, is that it?”

“NO!” protested Mindy.

“Well, I can’t take that chance,” said Ben. “We’d best put you back in nappies until you’re ready to try again.”

“NO!” wailed Mindy.

“Does grumpy girl need her dummy?” said Ben, amused by her expression. “It’s ok, baby. Potty training is hard. Let’s go into Daddy’s room and put a nappy on you, just to be safe.”

He led her towards his room, then sniffed. Bending down, he peeled back a corner of the rug and wrinkled his nose.

“Mindy…?” he asked, standing back up. “Care to explain this little potty protest?”

Mindy bit her lip.

“I’m not cross,” said Ben. “Little girls do have little accidents. Nevertheless, I think we’d better put this potty back in storage, and I’ll order some more nappies. Mindy’s just not quite ready yet, but I know one day she will be.”

“Go and fetch some soapy water,” said Ben. “You’re cleaning this up, since you made the mess. Fair?”

Mindy nodded.

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