The Princess and the Postman (Pt. 5)

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Captivity/Bondage, ABDL/nappies, dress-up/sissification, wetting/desperation

Leila sat by her computer, unable to type. She had arranged to work from home today, but her thoughts were squarely on the events of the previous night. Every time she tried to apply herself to answering emails, a mortifying memory would dance across her mind.

Lying on her back, naked from the waist down, with the postman squeezing baby powder all over her pussy. Smearing a little oil on her clit as she squirmed with arousal, against her will. Him cooing about how much she was enjoying being his good little girl.

The first nappy being fluffed up and slipped beneath her, crackling and rustling. The feeling of a finger suddenly slipping something inside her bottom, then a gasp as a plug was slid in behind it, filling her up. Then the padded plastic being snugly pulled up between her legs and taped together.

A second nappy being fastened over the first, then a third, spreading her legs wider and wider. The postman chuckling as he commented on how cute she would look, waddling along in her padding for everyone to stare at. Her blushing and burying her face in the pillow as he squeezed the thick, absorbent mass between her legs.

Her whined protests as he pulled out one final layer, prompting him to reach back into a powder-pink bag, draw out a pink dummy gag and fasten it behind her head. Her squeals of indignation prompting peals of laughter as he held her kicking legs and added her fourth nappy.

The final humiliation: him holding up a pair of clear plastic pants with ruffles on the bottom (“Just to make sure my princess doesn’t mess up her pretty dress”) and stretching them over her ridiculous puffy bottom, cramming the babyish layers into the plastic, before helping her to her feet.

Her face growing hot, livid at the humiliations he’d heaped upon her. Feeling her eye twitch as he pulled a ludicrous puff-sleeved baby-blue dress over her head, fizzing with ribbons and frills. Cringing and making tight fists at his goo-goo talk and mocking, and his occasional swats at her already-pink thighs. Worst of all, feeling herself get warmer and wetter with every belittling word.

Back in the present, Leila opened a blank document and willed her hands to type. But as her fingers hovered above the keyboard, she heard the postman’s laughter as he made her waddle up and down, loudly crinkling with every step, until he was satisfied. She recalled the click of his phone camera and the blip of the video function, capturing the full spectacle of her trying to walk with dignity.

“My little LeeLee keeps looking at her toy, doesn’t she?” he had said, catching her glancing at the magic wand. She’d shaken her head, determined he wouldn’t make her lose control, but his edging had left her on the cusp and he could tell.

“You’re not very good at lying, babygirl,” he’d chuckled. “I think you want to make a sticky mess in your nappy. A little like the mess on your front…” Oh god, the moment when she’d looked down to see that the gag had made her dribble down her chin, onto her ‘Piggy’ bib.

That siren buzz when he’d turned on the toy, just so she could hear it and remember how good it felt. Feeling her clit drum in anticipation. Blushing as a low moan escaped her.

“You can play with your wand if you like, poppet,” he said. “You just need to show me you’re a big girl.”

The gasp as the postman undid her gag and her jaw relaxed.

“Now, I think you can show Daddy how grown-up you are by putting on a bit of make-up for him. Make yourself into a pretty dolly for Daddy.”

Damnit. Even just hearing that bastard’s words in her head, Leila found her hands sneaking between her legs. She closed the laptop lid and let the memories wash over her.

She had baulked as he emptied out a bag of cosmetics onto a nearby table. She hated wearing make-up. Even a tiny bit made her feel caked and try-hard, like a needy little bimbo. Ugh… maybe she could get away with something subtle… Jesus, she was so horny she could hardly think straight.

“Come on, dolly!” cooed the postman. “Oh wait – I forgot. Can’t have you fiddling with your Huggies, can we? I know my little troublemaker…”

He grabbed her hands and fastened them into padded mitts.

“But… how can I –“ began Leila.

“No fussing, sweetie! I can’t trust you to stay dry and I can’t trust you not to take off your nappies. Now, do your best to put on some make-up like a big girl, and we can see if you’re ready to grow up.”

“Don’t I even get a mirror?” Leila looked at the stupid plastic tubes and brushes.

“Aww, of course, sweetie. You can have your wittle Barbie mirror if you like,” he grinned, waving a horrible pink heart-shaped object in front of her.

Leila flushed with rage and batted away the Barbie mirror, sitting her puffy bottom on the chair in front of the table. How hard could it be?

The mitts immediately answered that question. She clapped a pink lipstick between her padded paws and concentrated on trying to control it. It was almost impossible but gradually she manoeuvred it round her mouth and kissed her lips together.

“Good girl. Trying so hard for Daddy! Now a bit of eyeshadow,” said the postman, ruffling her hair. “This blue one will be very cute on you.”

Leila grimaced and gripped the tiny stick between her mitts dipping it awkwardly into the palette of colours, then dropping it and retrieving it before pulling it across her eyelid.

“And a little bit of blusher for rosy cheeks,” said the postman. “Then I think we can see if you’re done.”

Leila snatched the chunky blusher brush from him as best she could, and tried to hit the apples of her cheeks. She put down the brush, triumphant that she had met the postman’s challenge.

“Well done, little LeeLee!” he clapped, infuriating her. “Such a big girl! Let’s see how you did!”

He brought across the Barbie mirror and Leila’s face fell. The postman erupted in laughter.

She looked ludicrous. Her eyes were a scribbly mess of blue, her cheeks were clownish with twin blobs of pink and her mouth was a smeared splodge of pink. It looked like a toddler had got into her mother’s make-up bag.

“Smile, baby!” said the postman, snapping another picture of her dismayed face. “So cute and silly! Do you think you look like a big girl? Do you?”

Leila winced and shook her head.

“Aww, but you tried so hard, didn’t you? You’re just too little to be a pretty lady. Shall we put this on LeeLee’s social media?”

He held up his phone to show that he had signed himself into her account, and was ready to share her new look.

Leila felt dizzy at the thought of people seeing her pathetic attempt at make-up, paired with her toddler dress and Pampers.


“No what?”

“No, please…”

“No please what?”

“No please… (ugh)… Daddy…”

Damnit. He kept forcing her to call him that!

“There’s my little princess. Now then, is that a big girl in the mirror?”

Leila blushed, defeated. “No…” she whispered.

The postman stood, waiting.

“No, Daddy… “ Leila pouted.

“Good girl! Someone’s learning how to avoid a spanking! OK, sweetie. You can practise your make-up a bit longer before we put your pretty face online.”

Leila breathed a sigh of relief, as he continued.

“Good girl for trying, but I think you’re right. You look like a silly little girl, don’t you? A very silly, very little girl, trying to act older than she is. Yes?”

Leila nodded, rubbing her clit against her plastic padding.

“Aww, I think my little LeeLee has earned a bit of playtime with her toy anyway. But first, I think she needs to show Daddy she understands how little she is.”

“Whuh… “ Leila looked up, concerned.

“Wet your nappy, baby. Do weewees and then you can have your toy.”

Leila flushed with shame. She was gagging to press that buzzing wand to her crotch, even in front of that bastard. But she surely couldn’t…

“Come on, Tinkles!” said the postman, his voice dripping with saccharine. “Just a little wee and then you can have a nice playtime… “

Leila stamped and huffed, but her libido won out. She found herself crouching a little, hunching over the table, and sniffling as the first hot trickle came out of her. Suddenly it turned into a fast stream and Leila’s eyes widened in alarm as the padding expanded, making her stand even more goofily, like an awkward two-year-old. Her plastic pants rustled as the hot pee caused the Huggies inside to press against the ruffles and she sighed with relief as she realised she’d been holding her pee for an hour now.

“Awww, someone just loves to please Daddy, doesn’t she?” mocked the postman, snapping a picture of Leila in her droopy Huggies. A pale yellow stain was just visible through the plastic pants.

“Such a helpless baby, wetting her nappy on command… “ he sneered. “Very good, little LeeLee! Here you go…”

He handed her the wand, and a dizzied Leila snatched it from him, pressing it helplessly to her wet nappy. She had earned this, goddamnit.

“Unhhhh… “ she moaned, turning the wheel of the wand up to maximum. The thick layers dulled its vibrations, but it was just enough for her soaked, teased pussy.

“Nuhhh! Oh God… OH GOD… “ she wailed, humping the wand with no control as shockwaves ran through her and relief spread from head to toe.

When she was done, lying open-mouthed on the bed, the wand beside her on the pillow, Leila saw the postman take it away and lock it in a box. She winced as reality began to creep in at the periphery of her orgasm.

“Good girl, making cummies for Daddy,” praised her tormentor, his voice like treacle. “Aww, I bet it’s so gooey in there, isn’t it? Just what a pretend-big-girl needs to reminder her she’s dependent little toddler. That’s what you look like, LeeLee – a silly little baby in soggy Huggies.”

Oh God, what was this power he had over her? Why was she letting this arsehole humiliate her like this?

“That’s just the start,” said the postman. “We’re going to get you so nicely conditioned, Baby LeeLee. No special playtime, except in wet nappies. Every time you get horny, you’ll need to let Daddy check that you’re wet before you get your toy. You may find that you can’t get off without making weewees in your Pampers first. Wouldn’t that be tragic?”

Leila’s stomach grumbled ominously.

“Ah yes,” said the postman. “And it sounds like your little suppository is starting to take effect. It’s a bit late, but maybe we should go for a toddle around the park. What do you think?”

Present Leila turned pale as she recalled what happened next…

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