On my cue

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“I do hope you’re going to behave yourself today, Polly,” said the tall man as he walked slowly around the pink chair. “And by ‘behave’, I mean no tantrums, no sneaking off to change outfit and no insistence that you’re too old to hold Daddy’s hand. Am I going to have any trouble from you?”

Polly pouted, and was annoyed at herself for pulling such a childish expression. She was 20, for God’s sake – how had she wound up like this? Until recently she’d rampaged around in ripped jeans and oversized t-shirts. Now she found herself sat on a princess chair in a prim little pastel blue frock with puff sleeves and a lace trim. The shirred bodice had a smiling sun embroidered on the front – somehow the man she knew as Daddy had managed to find an older child’s dress that almost fit her, though it was so tight it flattened her little breasts to nothing. She kicked her glossy black mary janes in frustration, the frills on her ankle socks bobbing as she did.

Daddy’s looked at Polly’s dress for a second and grinned. Polly shuddered – he’d clearly had an idea, and this rarely boded well.

“Tell you what, let’s see if my naughty little girl can follow basic instructions. If she can, and if she’s as good as gold, perhaps we’ll let her do a little more growing up tomorrow. But if she can’t or won’t listen to Daddy, maybe she’s too little even for this outfit. Are you ready for the instructions?”

Polly winced, and nervously nodded.

“We’re going to play a game called ‘Sunshine’. It’s a bit like Simon Says. We’ll go out to the shops and any time you hear Daddy say “sunshine”, you’re going to pop your thumb in your mouth and suck on it for 10 seconds like a good little girl.”

Polly opened her mouth to protest, but he continued.

“If you miss your cue, or if you’re silly enough to refuse -“

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a large pink dummy with a teddybear on it. Polly’s eyes opened wide in horror.

“- Daddy’s going to give you one of these to suck on instead, and you’ll do that for 30 seconds.”

Polly turned scarlet at the prospect of people she knew seeing her in her nursery dress, dummy in mouth.

“And if you forget AGAIN, or dig in your heels, or try to hide from me, I have a whole range of little forfeits for you…”

He produced a light blue bag, like those carried by parents of toddlers.

“There are so many embarrassing things in here. Maybe I’ll put a bib on you and give you a bottle on the park bench, or in the cafe. Or maybe I’ll make you talk with a cute lisp for the rest of the day, or roll up your skirt an inch each time, so everyone can see your sweet little bloomers. I know how much you hate those.”

Polly glared at the ground, mortified by the reminder of the ruffled pumpkin panties she had on underneath her dress. It had taken a hairbrush spanking to get her into them.

“Get your little purse, Polly,” said Daddy, slipping on his coat and swinging the bag over his shoulder. “We’re off a fun day out. I advise you to stay close, hold my hold and listen very closely if you want to avoid the worst forfeits.”

Polly snatched up her hated pink plastic purse. Daddy chuckled.

“I must admit, I almost want you to try and resist.”

2 thoughts on “On my cue”

  1. Having to suck her thumb for 10 second periods is so cute and even though it’s humiliating is occasionally observed and not unexpected.
    However the childish dress, frilly socks and shoes are going to seriously embarrass her, hopefully it’s short enough to expose the majority of her skinny thighs for a spanking if necessary?
    I’d love to read more on how she dealt with going out and if she managed to respond to every “sunshine” spoken by daddy?
    Great short story 😍

    • Thank you for reading, Emma! I really should go back to this one. You’re right – it could be very fun to take her out for an embarrassing little ‘sunshine’ trip. I’m sure Daddy is very well prepared…


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