Retraining Julia (Pt. 3)

Content warnings for this story (click here for guide):

Corporal punishment, bondage and captivity, nonconsent

The Master sifted methodically through the drawer, laying aside implements and mysterious devices. Julia twisted anxiously to see what he was doing. Her gag filled her mouth, causing saliva to run freely down her jaw.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” said the Master. “Stand still like a good girl. Even if you’re not a good girl at all.”

He found what he was looking for and stood up to face her.

“Of course, by the time we’re done, you’re going to be a very good girl indeed. A very obedient, willing girl who only has eyes for her owner.”

Julia moaned miserably into her gag.

“Not,” continued the Master, “a little slut who seduces the grounds staff behind her owner’s back.”

On the final word, he brought the paddle down hard on her bottom. The thwack was deafening. She gasped as the pain spread like wildfire. THWACK. The wood slammed onto her skin and she cried out, and it came again.

A gagged naked woman drools and winces in pain.

She could feel the Master’s energy behind her – calm and concentrated. He breathed evenly for every keen stroke. 




It burned. It burned so badly.

A particularly vicious stroke hit home, and she yelped and kicked, twisting away to the full reach of her tether.

“Back in place. NOW.”

She hesitated, feeling sparks dance across her hot, scarlet bottom. The Master strode across to her, grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her back into position. He tilted her head and spoke sharply into her ear.

“You might defy and deceive an ordinary client, Julia, but you will NOT defy me. This is just the beginning of your punishment. We still have your re-education to go. By the time I’m through with you, you will not only be obedient. You will beg to serve me. And I will make you beg for other things, too.”

He went over to the table and returned with a blue rubber vibrator.

Blue bullet vibrator

“Open your legs,” he ordered. Julia did as she was told, and the Master placed a dab of lubricant on the toy, before inserting it into her pussy. Julia was disturbed at how little her body resisted. She put her ankles back together and the Master grabbed the ring on her collar, forcing her face up close to his.

“Did I say you were allowed to do that?”

Julia moaned an answer from behind her gag and opened her legs again. The Master returned to the table and selected a smaller device. He slipped on a pair of latex gloves and lubricated the toy.

“You seem to believe you still have free will,” said the Master. “This has been the problem all along, but don’t worry. I’ll fix that. You need to understand that you have no control. I do. I can make you do anything I want to, and I can make you say anything I like.”

He slipped behind her and Julia gasped as he inserted a slippery finger into her anus. He seemed to enjoy her reaction, and moved his finger rhythmically in and out. 

“Only dirty girls get this done to them,” he said, smiling. “Dirty little girls don’t get to complain. They get to be touched and probed and fucked by their master, and they get to thank their master for using them.”

He continued to finger her. Julia blushed as she realised the motion was making her pussy wet. She cursed her treacherous body.

The Master removed his finger. Julia barely had time to register relief before the toy was inserted slowly, but forcefully, into her anus. She moaned loudly, soaking her gag.

Black rubber butt plug with flared base

“A perfect little whore!” smiled the Master as he stood back to look at her. “Filled in three places. A gag in your dirty little mouth, a toy in your wet little pussy and a plug in your tight little arse.”

Julia felt tears slide down her cheeks as she realised what she must look like. Her bonds held tight and her collar only added to her humiliation.

“Now,” he let go of her hair and took up the strop. “Later on I’ll leave some more pretty marks on your thighs and bottom, just to remind you what happens to little sluts. But first -”

He unwrapped a thick leather belt and passed it between her legs. He pulled it tight so it pressed the vibrator further inside her, then buckled and locked it.

“That should stop you touching yourself. I know that’s what dirty little girls like you like to do, but only I get to decide when you come. And you’re going to have to ask me very nicely in order to do so. Very nicely.”

Julia winced and wriggled. The chastity belt was sturdy and shameful and the twin toys felt bulky, holding her open and never once letting her forget their presence. She really did feel like a little whore. But she would never beg him for that. He would not get the satisfaction of seeing her like that.

The Master observed her for a second, pleased with his work. Then he took a remote control from his pocket and pointed it at Julia’s new belt.

“In a moment, I’m going to get myself a whiskey,” he said. “But while I’m gone, let’s see what this does to our little Julia’s willpower.”

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