Retraining Julia (Pt. 4)

Content warnings for this story (click here for guide):

Corporal punishment, bondage and captivity, nonconsent

Julia squirmed on the end of her rope. The toy and the plug buzzed and thrummed inside her, their effects sneaking up on her.

No, focus. Concentrate. Don’t become Julia for him, she told herself silently. But something about his voice resonated along with the toys and she felt herself getting wetter and wetter.

Oh God, maybe they would break. Maybe she could think herself calm, use some willpower and be dry and composed by the time he returned.

As the devices worked their magic on her, Barker flashed into her head. She remembered him bending her over a table, his breath quickening in her ear, taking her roughly from behind and gasping as he slid inside her. She remembered his hand sneaking down to gently rub, pinch and play with her clit as he fucked her. It had been such a relief. Such a blessed relief in the night air. Rough, hungry and uncomplicated.

The blue vibrator had slipped down because of her wetness, and sat nestled between the chastity belt and her clit, humming wickedly. 

Julia shook her head and Barker vanished, his close-whispered mutterings fading into the crisp instructions of the Master. She wriggled as the device in her arse drummed and buzzed, filling her and holding her shamefully open. She felt and looked like such a slut, and wondered what the Master wanted with her in this state. To humiliate her? That much was clear. But what happened next?

As the buzzing worked on her hot, full clit, Julia’s knees began to give way, and her arms ached in their bonds. As if on cue, the Master stepped back into the room.

“Stand up straight. I’d like my little slut to at least present herself respectfully.”

Julia stood up hurriedly, tall and straight-backed, legs together. This only pushed the belt and the toy and her body harder against each other, and she bit her lip at the sensation. She felt herself blush and gritted her teeth. No way was she going to let him see her lose control.

The Master, it seemed, knew exactly what was happening, even as a little moisture pooled in the strict leather belt between Julia’s legs. He approached her and ran a hand lightly over the nape of her neck.

“I do hope my little trainee is not having dirty thoughts.”

Julia shook her head. The master grinned and pressed a button on the device in his pocket. Suddenly the speed of the toys increased, sending sparks of pleasure through Julia’s body. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she wrestled for control, but her legs were beginning to shake.

“Oh dear,” the master observed, twisting a piece of her hair around his finger. “I think we have a very serious problem here.” He ran a finger around the edge of her belt and held up the glistening results to Julia.

He untied her hands and she grunted into her gag. As she slumped, she felt the toys move inside her and a fresh jolt of stimulation made her gasp. The Master, seeing that she was unable to stand, made Julia lie across a bolster cushion on his bed, with her bottom raised high in the air.

Julia struggled to keep her wits about her. It seemed as though her whole body were charged and crackling. She was so tantalisingly close to coming, but desperate not to do so in front of him.

The Master returned with a leather strap.

Leather punishment strap draped over vintage books.

“Six, I think. If you can take these well and keep your position, I might allow you to go to bed. But if I think you’re being especially dirty, especially with those little gadgets inside your good-girl belt, I may decide some other form of training is in order.”

He chuckled and landed the first searing strapping. WHAM. Julia’s body tensed, which only edged her closer to the toy and to orgasm. Julia cried into her gag in frustration, dribbling a little. The Master removed the gag and revealed her dishevelled face.

“You’d best count them and thank me, or I may forget how many I’ve given you.”

Julia, struggling to keep herself sane, blurted:

“Uh! Uh, onethankyousir!”

WHAM. The second strapping came down. Julia’s mouth moved and the words came out but her mind was melting fast as the toys did their work.


“What are you?” asked the Master.

“Uh! Unhh…I don’t know!” she managed. WHAM.

“I can always double your punishment. Now I’d like you to tell me exactly what you are. What kind of a girl has a man who isn’t her client fuck her in her client’s house? What kind of a girl asks a man to bend her over, put his hard cock inside her wet little pussy and fuck her while her master is away?”

“I…I…” WHAM. “Ahhh! Ahh, I…I’m a…”

It hurt so badly – stroke landed perfectly on stroke and she could feel the tears spilling down her cheeks as she twisted and thrashed.

Suddenly the demonic little toy broke her resolve and Julia came hard. She cried out in shame and frustration.

“You’re a what?” prompted the Master. “I think we’re seeing evidence right now, so if you don’t want a dozen more strappings [WHAM], you should just say what you are.”

“A little…I’m a little…”


“Slut,” she mumbled, flushing and shaking. “A little whore.”

“That’s right,” said the master. “A little whore who likes cock, who likes to be fucked by a strange man. A man who comes along and wants to put his hard cock into her because he knows how dirty she is.”

His breathing changed and he swatted her behind. 

“Get on your knees right now. You want to behave like a little tramp? Then we’ll take away your privileges and give you a whore’s work to do. You’re going to be a very willing little whore for your Master.”

Julia clambered dizzily to her hands and knees and waiting, swaying with shame. The Master unbuckled the straps of her chastity belt and the vibrator slide wetly out of her.

“I should make you lick that clean,” he remarked, but laid it on the side. The plug remained in her bottom and he patted it, chuckling.

“Now,” said the Master, unfastening his belt. “Since you have turned out to be such a little slut, I’m going to treat you like one. You’ll be my very own little slut. And you’ll beg me to fuck you.”

Julia hung her head as he spread her legs. Her pretty behind smarted and burned from the strap. And when her Master pushed hard into her, then hard again, her treacherous little pussy was ready for him.

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