Originally written for DrDude79

Content warnings for this story (click here for guide):

Diapers, nappies and ABDL; dress-up, ageplay and sissification; urine, omorashi and wetting; pooping and messing; captivity and bondage.

The man holding her hand was a fast walker, and Louisa had to trot to keep up. The smooth soles of her Mary Jane shoes skidded on the muddy path, causing her to wobble and catch herself. Each time she bent at the waist, she blushed to hear the loud rustle between her legs.

“Come on Lolly,” said the man, as her cute shoes slipped for the hundredth time. “We don’t want to miss out on a spot if it’s busy.”

Louisa, she thought, her cheeks turning pinker still. It’s Louisa. But she’d learned over the past week that saying this out loud was not a wise idea. Please, please don’t let it be busy.

The man turned to look at her, and she realised he was waiting for her to say something.


He smiled. “Good girl,” and tugged her onward.

Daddy had really gone to town for this little outing. When he’d finished dressing her this morning, he stood her in front of the mirror.

“What a sweet little girl,” he said, adjusting the little puff sleeves of her pink top, which was tight enough to flatten her bra-less breasts to tiny pre-teen bumps. A cute set of ABC building blocks was embroidered across the front. Fluffing out her short pink skirt, he scooped up the back hem and patted her bottom.

“And with a nice thick nappy underneath, you don’t even need petticoats!”

She cringed as she remembered why she was struggling to walk like a grown-up. Just then, her foot shot out from under her, and she fell backwards into the mud. Her ruffled toddler socks and shiny shoes went up in the air and she landed, with a squeak and a telltale crinkle, on her padded bottom. To her horror, her cute little skirt had flipped up, showing her thick white nappy.

Daddy laughed. “Whoopsies! Did Baby do a tumble? Aww, did you get your bottom all dirty, Lolly? Does Daddy need to change you already? I thought you were such a big girl.”

Louisa flushed scarlet, pulling down her skirt to cover herself she hurried to her feet. “No I don’t! It’s these stupid sissy shoes you gave me! And it’s not Lolly – it’s Louisa! And I’m not a…I’m not!”

“Now then, no tantrums,” said Daddy. “That’s not my sweet little girl, is it? I thought we’d been through this. You thought your name was Louisa but that’s a big-girl name, and I don’t think big girls get put back in nappies and taken out for playtime, do they? Maybe we should show you off to the people we meet and see if they think you’re big-girl Louisa or little baby Lolly.”

“No…” whimpered Louisa, staring at the floor and tugging her skirt down further. She started hurriedly walking on.

“Wait a second, Baby. Let’s get that mud off your princess outfit, shall we?”

Louisa squirmed in her prissy pink clothes as Daddy opened his shoulder bag and took out some sweet-smelling wipes. He carefully wiped her down until he was satisfied she was clean.

“It’s ok sweetie. I think you’re just cranky because you’ve not had your vitamin yet. Open up!”

Louisa groaned inwardly and opened her mouth, expecting the normal teddy-bear gummy. Instead, Daddy popped a chunky pill in her mouth. It tasted bitter and was hard to swallow.

“You need some water?” asked Daddy. She nodded, gagging on the taste.

He pulled out a baby bottle of juice, printed with bunnies and offered it to her. She shook her head.

“I just…ack….want normal…ugh…water!”

“This is all we have, little one.”

The taste was unbearable and the pill would not go down, so she stamped her foot in frustration and snatched the bottle from his hand. Cringing with shame, she put the nipple in her mouth and sucked furiously.

“There’s my good babygirl,” said Daddy. “You look adorable sucking on your bottle. Finish it up for Daddy.”

Mercifully, when they arrived at the playground, it was deserted. A few people passed by in the distance, but Louisa felt cautiously hopeful. Maybe they could get through this without anybody seeing her.

“Do you want to go on the swing, Lolly?” Daddy asked. She nodded – that seemed like the path of least resistance.

“Good girl,” he smiled. “You’ve been so fussy today I thought I might have to put you over my knee and smack your little bottom.”

She shook her head and made for the swings when Daddy chuckled again.

“Not those ones, Lolly. Those are for big girls. This is your swing!”

He smiled and patted the seat of a baby swing, with chunky safety sides, two leg holes and a sliding safety bar that came down to sit across a thick crotch bar.

Her heart sank. He couldn’t be serious. He couldn’t…

Red and yellow plastic baby swing with safety bar and yellow ropes.

A glance at his face told her he could. Still hoping for a quick reprieve, she walked grumpily over to him. Glancing around to make sure nobody was in sight, she started to climb into the little swing. Her nappy crinkled unforgivingly as she smooshed herself in. The crotch bar pressed the padding against her clit and for a second, she felt a rush of arousal.

Daddy brought down the safety bar across her lap and patted her plastic-covered tummy. 

“Nice and safe for Baby Lolly,” he grinned, enjoying her discomfort. “Hmm, but I don’t want your pretty skirt to get torn. Let’s get that off.”

“No!” Louisa yelped, but Daddy had already unpoppered it and whisked it away. Louisa thrashed to get out of the swing, but the nappy wedged her snugly in, bulging out of the gaps.

“Naughty girl, Lolly,” tutted Daddy. “That’s not how Daddy’s good girl plays.”

He reached into his bag again and brought out some pink squishy mitts with silver rings attached. After a brief struggle, he had her hands well swaddled. He tightened the mitts and locked each padded paw to one of the swing’s chains.

Louisa thrashed and wriggled furiously, her bulky nappy loudly crinkling. She pouted in frustration, cheeks burning.

“What a fuss over nothing!” Daddy shook his head. “Now you’re securely fastened in, I’ll give you a push. Oh, but first, I think you’re a little dehydrated, so a little more bottle for Baby.”

He pulled out another full bottle of blackcurrant juice, this time printed with safety pins and rattles.

“No! Lemme out! I don’t need a bot-mmph!” Louisa’s protests were muffled by the rubber nipple in her mouth, as Daddy held the bottle to her lips. She refused to drink, screwing up her eyes and jangling her soft mitts helplessly.

“I want you to listen to me,” said Daddy sternly. “We’re going to stay here until you’ve had a really good play on the swing. And I’m not even going to start pushing you until you’ve finished this entire bottle. Do you understand? I can wait here all day, and I’m sure we’ll meet lots and lots of people who’ll want to hear all about why you’re sitting in your swing like this…”

Louisa shook her mitts pathetically, knowing she was beaten. She began to suck and suck, gulping sweet mouthfuls of juice until she felt sick. The bottle held a litre of liquid, and all she could think was ‘keep going, keep going and this will be over soon and nobody need see me’.

Finally, she slurped the last drops and Daddy took the bottle away. He patted her back and she burped loudly.

“Windy baby,” teased Daddy. “OK, here we go.”

He pulled back the seat of the swing so her frilly socks and shiny shoes dangled in the air. As her body tipped against the front of the swing, her bright white nappy bulged through the gaps. She felt her clit press again on the bar between her legs, and bit her lip. No, she couldn’t be getting turned on by this! No!

Daddy let go, calling “Whee!” and she flew through the air, her soft nappy pressing first on her front and then on her back. The crotch bar rubbed her deliciously, and she felt dizzy, getting wet from the friction as she arced back down.

As she swung forward for the third or fourth time, though, she felt a different, more familiar pressure, and a realisation washed over her. Oh no – all that juice! Her bladder had filled right up and was being nudged and squashed by the crotch bar. If Daddy didn’t stop, she was going to –

“I want to stop now,” she mumbled.

“Do you now?” smiled Daddy, and continued pushing.

“Now!” she yelled, using all of her willpower to hold her full bladder. At the same time, her clit was pounding like a little drum. 

“I don’t think so, baby,” said Daddy, and gave her an extra hard shove.

“Get me out of this stupid baby swing now!” she yelled, legs waggling in the breeze. As she sailed back toward Daddy, he grabbed the swing, stopping it dead.

The sudden jolt was too much, and as Louisa hung there, tipped slightly forward, her bladder gave up. She felt the first warm droplets tinkle into her padding.

“No no no no no…” she shook her head, as the tinkling grew heavier. Soon she was helplessly wetting her nappy. Two bottles’ worth of pee poured out of her, surging hotly between her legs. Daddy held her in the air, enjoying the moment.

“Looks like Baby Lolly needs a change,” he observed, and she winced in humiliation. “What a big peepee she’s doing! Such an exciting swing ride for a little girl…”

As pee continued to flood into her fattening nappy, to Louisa’s horror she felt herself grinding against the crotch bar. It felt so good against the warm wetness! She tried to stop herself but her body disobeyed her, greedily rubbing her to ecstasy. She gasped loudly, little tears running down her cheeks as she came.

Daddy let the swing back down to the ground and Louisa sat there, shaking, with her eyes closed and mouth open, the last of her pee dribbling into the soaked nappy. Daddy slipped a hand around to her front, and squeezed the warm, padded plastic between her legs.

“I think little Lolly didn’t just wet her nappy,” he said. “I think she made a big-girl mess as well. Aww, sweetie, don’t cry. You look so cute in your little swing.”

“C-can we go home please?” she whimpered.

“It’s been quite a day, hasn’t it?” he kissed her on the forehead. “Buuut I don’t think you asked nicely enough. Let’s play a little longer.”

“That’s not fair!” she cried, weeping in shame.

“We talked about this, Lolly,” he said, tutting. “Nice little girls don’t whine that things aren’t fair. I think you need some quiet time.”

He pulled out a chubby blue dummy and pushed it into her protesting mouth. She wriggled her lips but with her hands mitted, all she could do was dejectedly suckle.

“Who knows best?” Daddy folded his arms expectantly.

“Gaggy,” she mumbled through the dummy, staring at the floor. “Gaggy knows best.”

“Good girl. Little bit more playtime here, then we’ll take you home and change that wet, heavy nappy.”

He began to swing her again, and she grimaced as the sodden nappy squelched and squished against her, squeezing and releasing against the swing. She was mortified but grateful that it held.

Gradually, though, her bladder began to complain once more, and to her shame, she wet herself again. Warm pee puffed up the padding between her legs, sealing her even more snugly into her swing. 

Daddy made a mock-sad face.

“Oh, Lollypops, again? I thought you were such a big girl! Lucky I put you in extra-thick nappies today.”

Louisa sniffled as she swung back and forth. With her mitts fixed, she couldn’t stop her nose running freely. The thick dummy made her dribble a babyish trail down her cheek. She looked just like a helpless toddler, out with her patient daddy.

Just then, she felt a little jab of pain in her guts and a grumbling noise could be heard.

“Umpph!” She winced, and looked at Daddy.

“Oh, I wondered when that might take effect.”

“Whttt?” she mumbled through her dummy. The sharp stab came again.

Daddy smiled. “I thought you might be a little bit blocked up, baby. You’ve been such a grumpy-pants lately. So I switched your vitamin teddy for something to help you go poopoo.”

“WHTTT?” Louisa’s eyes widened in horror, and she yelled through her dummy: “LEMME OUPH! NOW! LEMME OUPH!”

She jiggled her swollen nappy this way and that. Finally she jerked her bottom free of the swing seat, remembering too late that her hands were clipped to the chains.

Jolted back down, her guts grumbled loudly and with an unmistakeable noise, they released. Louisa could only sit there in her swing, eyes closed in relief as she flooded her nappy with soft, warm poo.

When she had finished, she could only stare at the ground in shame. Daddy gently unclipped her mitts and helped her gently out of the swing. She stood in the playground, her full nappy sagging and parting her legs so she stood like a toddler. An unmistakeable smell hovered round her and Daddy wafted his hand in front of his nose.

“That was a very big poopoo, Lolly. Good girl – you were such a good baby for Daddy. And you are Daddy’s baby girl, aren’t you?”

She blushed even more, and nodded.

“Does babygirl want some plastic safety pants to go over her nappy…just in case she has a little leak on the way home?” He held up a glossy baby-blue pair with cartoon duckies across the bottom.

Louisa shook her head. But as she did, her guts spasmed angrily again – another wave was coming any second. Her nappy was already straining and somehow she still had to get home. She looked at Daddy in panic, and nodded frantically.

Carefully, excruciatingly, he helped her step into the crinkly duckie pants. As she lifted each leg, a tiny pfrrt escaped her bottom. As the foul smell reminded her what she had done, fresh tears rolled down Louisa’s cheeks. Just in time, Daddy pulled the duckies tightly over her bulging nappy and cuddled her close as she cried and pooped herself uncontrollably.

“Poor little Lollypops,” he said, wiping her chin and runny nose. “The problem is that you still think you’re big-girl Louisa. Even now, standing here in a wet, stinky nappy, crying and dribbling down your dummy, you really think you’re a grown-up. You see, there’s no need for you to blush. A big girl might be embarrassed but this is just what baby girls do.”

Louisa looked up at him pleadingly, her eyes red, a little bubble of snot forming in one nostril.

Daddy took her chin in his hand.

“We’re going to walk all the way home together. Nice and slowly – I know, it’s not very comfortable. And when we get back, if you ask Daddy very nicely, he’s going to lay you down on the changing mat, take off those safety pants, and take that big wad of poopoo far away.”

Louisa sniffed and hung her head. Daddy continued.

“It’s going to feel so nice to get out of that nasty mess, isn’t it? Daddy’s going to bathe you all over, then put you back on the mat, oil you and powder you so you smell baby-fresh. And then you’re going to ask Daddy so sweetly if he’ll put you into a fresh, dry nappy.”

Louisa nodded, her dummy bobbing. 

“Good girl,” smiled Daddy. “OK, let’s go. You go in front where I can keep an eye on you. No, I don’t think you need your skirt back. We don’t want it to get all messy. I doubt it would fit over that nappy now anyway.”

Louisa winced as she began to move, the heavy load between her legs making her waddle like a toddler. The tightly stretched blue plastic pants squished the nappy and its contents against her. Daddy chuckled and patted her duckie bottom.

“Careful as you go, Baby – I don’t think you want to fall over this time, do you?”

“No Gaggy,” mumbled Louisa, as they left the playground behind.

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